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Courses for teachers and students that integrate STEAM and Design Thinking into Project Based Learning.
Hatch helps you to provide rich, innovative classroom activities without spending hours scouring the internet...it's all right here!
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What does Hatch offer?

Courses for Teachers

Sign up for free access to courses which are designed to support rich, authentic projects for learners that can be adapted to fit any content area that you are focusing on.
  • all the planning has been done for you for rich, authentic learning - just pick the parts that work for you and your class
  • Project Based Learning is at the heart of all of the planning, with a focus on developing problem solving and creative thinking
  • Authentic outcomes

Courses for Students

You know you want to support your students with innovative outcomes BUT it's so hard staying on top of all that is possible and it takes time to research and explore. These courses are to help scaffold you and your students as you create projects which will add something new to the world and not just end up in the bin!
The Hatch courses for learners have been classroom tested and approved by our young people. 
Young people tell it how it is. I take all of their feedback on board and continue to evolve the courses so that learners can use them as independently as possible...taking the pressure off you. 

Online Community

So what happens if you're trying a course and you need help or support?
The online community is the secret sauce! He waka eke noa. Join our community and be part of the conversation in sharing ideas and resources related to the courses. Tell us what works and what doesn't. Share your ideas. 
Have your say in the courses that are developed next. Ask for help when you need it. Connect with others who can support you as they try similar ideas in their classes.
This is the part I am most excited to grow. Share this site far and wide.

I'm Phillipa Dick, the founder of Hatch. 
I love working alongside teachers who want the best for all of their learners and want support in providing authentic, purposeful learning that connects with the interests and needs of all of their learners.
I developed this website through experience of working in classrooms alongside teachers and learners and finding out what helps to fuel creativity and problem solving in new ways.
I can't wait to connect with teachers through the online community.
Join up and find ways to do less better and have a classroom filled with energy and excitement for everyone...you included!

Upcoming Workshops...

Unpacking the Digital Technologies Curriculum

Are you seeking clarification about the Digital Technologies curriculum? Are you wondering how to make it all fit?  This is the course for you!

  • Unpack the progress outcomes so that they make sense for you and your learners.
  • Focus on the curriculum rather than the tools and gadgets.
  • Find ways to integrate the curriculum into what you already do rather than adding it as another layer.
  • Leave with your planning done for the integration of Computational Thinking and DDDO.

"Phillipa ran a fantastic day unpacking the DT Curriculum! The sessions were hands-on, practical and packed full of ideas. We all came away with a much clearer understanding of the DT curriculum, how to integrate it effectively and a renewed enthusiasm for just giving it a go!"

Angela Johnston - Lead Facilitator - South Otago Future Focused Learning Project

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  • Free access to Hatch4Teachers and the teacher community
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  • Learners can ask questions

I'm committed to this and pledge my undying love to the pursuit of innovative education.

Online learning and training have become an essential part of our society. LearnWorlds is one of the top platforms to create and sell online courses.
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