I began teaching the same year as the internet began! So...I've been doing it a while. I have worked as a teacher and in leadership roles in primary schools in New Zealand and overseas.
The thing about teaching is that it's a job that needs your heart and soul to do it well. The kids that continue to tug at my heartstrings are the ones who the system isn't working for, who spend every day trying to fit into a system that doesn't cater for them, sometimes leading to them giving up on themselves and their futures. This is not ok and I want to disrupt education so that every young person feels supported and able to contribute positively to the world.

Hatch started in 2016 as an after school and school holiday programme. The focus was on helping young people to explore the new possibilities that can be achieved in a world of ever-expanding technologies. It was also about developing problem solvers, creators and innovators.

I was fortunate to have some principals recognise the worth in what I was doing and my role changed from teacher to teaching coach. I worked alongside teachers and students in the Hills Cluster of schools in Dunedin to support improving practice in Digital Technologies and Project Based Learning.

I then went on to work as the expert facilitator for the South Otago Future Focused Learning Project, an initiative involving all South Otago early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools.

As I worked with teachers, the idea for this website grew. I have worked with so many wonderful teachers who are working hard to get the very best from all of the students they teach. Teaching is a job that is tough and time is in short supply. The idea of this website is to provide a space for teachers to go where the support and scaffolding is available to support authentic, project-based learning.

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